The Hummingbird, The Zinnias

The hummingbird.  The zinnias. 
The hummingbird.  The zinnias. 
The hum.  The hum-um-ummmm. 
The zin. The zin, zin - zoom with 
coordinates locked. 
Bliss is a kiss, is a zin-zin. 
Color me, says hummingbird, 
honey me for the trip. 

There’s a time - drip in the nectar clock, 
no stopwatch for the seconds. 
Talk of Time’s wingèd!  No chariot, 
though somewhere within 
body’s boom & thrum, a fly-wheel 

What can you catch of the hummer, 
slow spectator?  Sipping your 
coffee or tea. Brazilian or zin-zin-cinnamon. 
Your tongue saying Zanzibar. 
Mind blown by the 
ruby and emerald needle honing in, 
sewing a seam in cloth 
you’re included in, Big Flower. 

Then needle says Flash, 
puts in reverse zipper, 
opening the sky and your heart.